Warehousing and logistics - HCJ s.r.o.

Starting 2006 we established our „sister“ company HCJ s.r.o. that is meant to offer warehousing services to our clients. In June 2007 we opened our first warehouse in Šelpice (Trnava) in the size of 4.000 m2The warehouse was equipped by "drive-in" rack system.

Through all these years, step by step we built and hire new WHs and nowadays we operate warehouses of about 20.000 m2 in the region of Trnava and Senec offering a wide range of services like standard warehousing, "crossdocking", repacking, or "rework".

In one of our WHs we offer a special service called "rebulking".We reload the packed goods to silo-trailers (bulk powders, granulates, etc.)